Other routes

Other routes

Mont Rogneux (3084 m) 

From the Col de Mille or Brunet Huts, you may climb up Mont Rogneux: although not an engaging alpine route, fit and trained hikers may find this a good alternative to the tour.

Sturdy, hiking shoes are recommended for this route. Mont Rogneux is a superb scenic spot that grants marvellous views on the Mont Blanc and Combin Massifs.


Mont Avril  (3346 m)  

Along the path from the Chanrion to the Champillon Huts, cross the Col Fenêtre (aka Fenêtre de Durand) at an altitude of 2797 m. From here, you may climb up Mont Avril via an easy path: follow the route that climbs up the ridge, on to the scree, and will take you to the top in 1h30.

From the summit, magnificent views on the Grand Combin and the Aosta Valley mountains open up. You will join the TDC going down to the Fenêtre, along the ascent path.


Regondi Bivouac (2599 m) and its lakes

A route starts between the Lombardin and Balme pastures and leads to the foot of the jagged Morion ridge, where the Regondi Bivouac sits on a rocky spur that is well visible from the bottom.

The path crosses mountain pastures and the Eau-Blanche plateau, then goes up to the bivouac.  Not far from it, you can discover a series of small alpine lakes displaying exceptional colours.

You will return on the TDC via the same route.


By - Ollomont – Doues – Allein - Etroubles

This is a varied, panoramic route that goes via the towns of Ollomont, Doues, Allein and Etroubles. Most of the itinerary takes place along the Stream des Monts that collects water from the Buthier stream in Ollomont and takes it as far as Doues. The creek crosses the side of the mountain at an altitude of 1500/1400 m and two tunnels have been created to go through the mountain.

From the Barme mountain pasture, descend as far as the Farinet House in By, follow the path that goes down to Glacier, than the regional road as far as the Vaud hamlet. Go W following the Ru de Monts path that leads to Châtelair, in the municipality of Doues, via an 800-metre long tunnel (a head torch is recommended). Past the hamlet, carry on along the stream to reach the Jubilee Path that comes from Valpelline. The itinerary carries on through the villages of Allein:  Daillon, Chanté, Ville, Bruson and finally Etroubles.

Chiarella - Amianthe Hut (2979 m)

The Chiarella - Amianthe Hut lies on a moraine plateau at the foot of the Grande Tête de By, from which it dominates the valley.  

You can reach the hut from the By mountain pasture following the path that goes via grassy slopes, passing the Tsa de la Comune mountain pasture and ends against a small rocky face. A short section with fixed chains leads onto the plateau where the hut sits.

You will go back to the TDC following the same path.  


Alpe Baravex (1915 m) Dormitory

The Alpe Baravex dormitory lies on the edge of the forest, at the foot of Mont Saron; it is the result of a partial renovation of the Baravex mountain pasture, in the municipality of Allein.

The hut does not sit directly on the tour path, but makes an interesting alternative.

In order to access it, from the Néan pasture carry on along the By stream, going via Plan Détruit, then reach the Arp-du-Praz pasture; go through a fir-tree forest, then come to the junction of the farm road that goes down to Baravex.

If you want to reconnect with the TDC path, go down on to the Allein stream and follow it W as far as the Pointier mountain. 

Going down to Etroubles 

In the village of Néan, along the TDC, carry on along the By path as far as the Fontaine mountain pasture, then go down on the Allein Stream. Continue W along the Allein stream for about 800 m, then go down along the path that goes via the Cerisey hamlet and reaches Etroubles.


Moline Hut (2415 m)

You will find the pretty Moline Hut in the Menouve valley, at the edge of the alpine prairie. It does not sit directly on the TDC path, but it offers an appealing alternative to the route.

Along the descent from the Champillon Col towards Montagne Pointier, a path detaches to the right and crosses the Mont Chenaille slopes; it then reaches the Moline Vieille mountain pasture and finally the Moline Hut.

If you want to rejoin the TDC route, go down to the Menouve valley via the Trecaudette Alp and then reach the Eternod stream.


Crossing of the Menouve Col (2775 m)

From the Moline Hut, experienced and trained hikers may climb up the Menouve Col crossing the valley to the W, reaching the Tsa de Menouve, the starting point of a trail leading to the Menouve Col.

From here, follow the path going down to Bourg-Saint-Bernard, on the Swiss side, and then reach the TDC route.

Col Fenêtre de Ferret (2724 m) and the Fenêtre lakes

This is an interesting hike across two states, starting from the Great Saint Bernard Col.

From the Col, follow the TDC route towards Saint-Rhémy, as far as a small house close to the Montagne Baus mountain pasture. Proceed to the right, cross the bridleway and reach the pasture. Follow the path that climbs up skirting the stream. On a grassy plateau, go right along the path that leads to the Col de la Fenêtre and then goes down on the side facing the lakes.

You will return to the TDC route crossing over the Bastillon col and reaching the Combe de Drône. Go down to an altitude of 2436m, from which you can choose to go down towards the La Pierre alpine pasture or reach the Great Saint Bernard Pass again via the Chevaux Col.

Plan du Jeu Hut (2073 m)

Along the path from Bourg Saint-Pierre to the Great Saint Bernard Path, where the former Bourg-Saint-Bernard ski resort stands, cross the Drance stream and the carriage road, then go E and reach the pleasant Plan de Jeu plateau.