Variant Plan Puitz

<Variant Plan Puitz

Variant Letey Hut in Champillon – Great Saint Bernard Col via Plan Puitz

Follow the TDC itinerary as far as the Barasson Mountain. Take the path that climbs to the left and joins the forestry road; follow it as far as Plan Puitz. Continue NW and then reach Cantine de Fonteinte, where you can join the TDC itinerary. Keep going to arrive at the Great Saint Bernard Col.


20.3 km 
7:30h (Letey Hut - Grand-Saint Bernard Col)            
7:30h (Grand-Saint Bernard Col – Letey Hut)
d+ 1211 m   d- 1184 m (Barasson – Cantine de Fonteinte)
d+ 1184 m   d- 1211 m  (Cantine de Fonteinte - Barasson)  

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